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Planet earth and its forests- Notre terre et ses forêts

Additional comments from the street

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Rock-hound--Chercheur de cailloux
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Despite being compared to a derelict being on the streets since the early 1990's, the change of existence became a moment to dwell in depth on the purpose of my own life mostly once it became apparent that being alone and without the support from the immediate social environment a person becomes withdrawn lacking the strength to advance in a turbulent world which clearly advantages those that can count on people they trust and love knowing that there is strength in numbers with each supportive of the other.
While such a change of life was deemed as a conscious choice following the desire for change that would do away with the perceived monotony of an existence with metronomic regularity for the purpose of material attachment and advancement, in actuality the reality of isolation ending up suddenly on my own with no relatives to lend some type of moral support was like losing the only safeguards keeping me afloat on troubles seas gradually causing a certain emotional decline culminating with total emotional and material disposession...
Irrespective of the impression that the streets represent in the eyes of many the consequence of a final judgement cast on those in the inability to functionally adapt to the imperative imposed by a society demanding us to conform to the social obligations imposed on each of us to further the course of  others and of such a society, by my personal opinion  irrespective of the misconceptions regarding homelessness some people and most young adults on the streets take the choice of a lifetime to experience such an existence most often with people they know and trust basically to get a grip on what life is on the streets often in a foreign town which also implies that they most often return home to a normal course of life after a short period.  Although a minority of people do as the result of personal problems (most often stemming from difficult situations) linger for longer and may become the victims of ongoing abuse which considering the abuse that may have triggered their own feeling of abandonment further concretises the ongoing desperation.
Considering the inherent fragility of people alone and without any moral support some of whom will lose their mind once in a state of distress,  it is noteworthy to mention that there is a minority of individuals which search the disposessed to affirm their own dubious pretentions and thus seek out isolated victims which are considered as easy prey to obtain some obscure type of personal fulfillment...While most people are sane of mind and thus tend to demonstrate behaviour expected from evolved individuals, it is always prefereable not to look like a lost idiot in order to avoid arousing the attention of any pack of dogs whose behaviour is tantamount to what is observed with predatory animals on the prowl ...

We also have to admit that extremely opportunistic individuals on the fringe (with regards to behaviour) may be tempted for their own personal benefit to engage in action which is prejudicial to those unwillingly subjected to the consequences of such action , such behaviour having the greatest chance of success with concerted action for the benefit of the instigators expecting to reap the benefits at the expense of those targeted who most often are deemed as accountable consequential to the reality of projection by association... I guess that with concerted action any fishy story may gain some credance to the advantage of the instigators acting to assure the prevalence of their interests at the expense of those the object of their pretentions... In other words, gang behaviour at the expense of the targeted minority...
Mind you in this day and age a likeminded attitude often goes unnoticed since the individuals the object of obscure pretentions don't suspect anything themselves ! Imagine the family feud once the relatives realise that some have reaped everything just by giving their time while being persistent vocalising their own cause in the name of the prevalence of their own interests...

In acknowledgement of such a fact those with some measure of accumulated wealth will in due time tend to enjoy it instead of giving it all away to their siblings despite their pleas for restraint.  This possibly may help explain the motorhome craze to observe with such a segment of the population since people at retirement age account for a large proportion of new motor home purchases spending a large proportion of their funds to set their sails towards a tropical paradise with the hopes of finding their own place out in the sun with their peers in their quarter million dollar house on wheels that most often goes for a pittance once the children end up fighting for it   ! ...


For theose which enjoy descovering a most marvellous city from the streets , Montreal has not only a certain measure of historical and architectural diversity which entices people to explore , but also a sense of ethnicity which gives a glimpse of the world without having to go to the far reaches of the earth !








In the summer I tend to seek escapement in the woodlands undertaking a host of grass roots projects which symbolically enrich my state of existence. Thus the many occasions to take pictures and to give descriptions of noteworthy sights revitalises my state of mind without such tasks giving more tangible rewards than some fleeting enjoyment giving cold comfort since the ordeal of being alone with a minimum of resources imposes a certain distress...
Eventually I may search the comfort of a home within the woodlands if there is one to find lost within the depth of a wilderness harboring some forgotten hideaway...  



Time and space influencing the mind frame of those under its influence...
Actually once I dare return to more placid quarters the envigoration to experience revitalises my state of mind to the point of giving me sufficient creative imputous to help me advance in my projects. This lead me to contemplate possible estabishment in some secluded place far beyond the reach of civilisation for the purpose of writing...
Mind you, with some improvement I risk looking better than some lost loon rambling on with the same old song...