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The fast food space cadet

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Rock-hound--Chercheur de cailloux
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The fast food space cadet

A short letter asking some serious questions about our knowledge of fast food physics, at least on what is used to cook the food !

As often occurs in the life of a typical moron as myself ,the unexpected may lead towards some unusual questions the start for some unusual answers even if what I first observed was just someone in a fast food stand covering up a bowl of soup with an aluminium poached egg cup (which had a steel handle). As the result of what I observed I had to ask some qualified and recognised experts what the hell was happening !  (just don't try this at home even if you so often unwillingly put the pie with it's aluminium plate on the steel floor of the oven...)

So , here is the copy of the text I sent (some additions aren't included...)

Hello folks ! Hopefully you folks will not be badly intoxicated with my trivial comments which while most often bordering on imbecility, on occasion do question our understanding of science, a typical example being the dumb question I may ask on the properties of air by asking if a vessel with a high vacuum will float or not knowing that the one with air does ... (If the same vessel with a vacuum sinks while the one with air floats then electro-static repulsion between the air molecules accounts for its floatability.. obviously !) . Now to get back to something related, here is a correspondence I sent to a number of magazines and the Jet propulsion laboratory some time back being a typically curious moron in search of the proper answers : (Hopefully you folks can grasp the very straight forward physical phenomenas involved even if the descriptions I put forward border on imbecility !....)

With regards to the following which follows suit to previous correspondences dwelling on the matter I would like to indicate that the area of study under review determining the basic investigations conducted did not require much empirical analysis the causality itself being the area of study.

As earlier indicated following the observation of noteworthy physical phenomena which indicated by the causality observed that there were definite practical applications to consider in the area of space exploration, it seems fairly straight-forward to assume that despite the non compliance of the obvserved physical phenomena once compared to theoretical postulations, the observeable reality by its tangible coherence prevails for apparent reasons. Thus it is to assume that any previous theoretical postulations dwelling on the matter deserve review.

The subject of study itself arose following observation of the phenomena associated with trivial mistakes conducted by staff working in the fast food industry. Following in depth investigation of the matter it became apparent that the observed electro-static emission following exposure to microwave radiation of a proper metal composite (namely iron -steel- and aluminium) was sufficient to be of use to permit the propulsion of space probes. A proper design obviously assures the maximisation of output with the lowest input of radiation applied to the composite namely alternating bands of stainless steel and aluminium part of a cylinder with the radiation applied within .

Unfortunately despite my numerous attempts to assure further investigation of the matter my enquiries weren't taken seriously . Consequentially the possibility exists that a phenomena of significance will be overlooked by the scientific community thus further preventing any significant advancement in the relevent scientifc fields.

Yours Truly

Karl Hodgson

I would like to further point out my current area of study which is in electrically generative devices which can function indefinitely without an external source of power. The following is a link to a blueprint of a device I have envisioned following superficial investigation of the subject under study. If you remark the electro-magnets of the device function in sequence with primairily 1 magnet activated at a time with a certain decay time following activation of the next magnet in the sequence leading to the understanding that the decay sequence is eessentail to assure fluid movement of the magnetic line of attraction.The external magnets whose design was inspired by the experiments of the late 18th century phycisist Joseph Henry use ferro magnetic metal foil sucessively coiled with conductive wiring which could itself incorporate a ferro magnetic metal core. Thus the understanding is that there are many layers of foil coiled with wiring .The purpose of this is to assure the maximisation of magnetic hysteris using minimal electrical power. Such mexternal magnets act on an inner conductive coil using magnetic attraction to a central ferro magnetic metal core to maximise magnetic induction.

The device while simple has a phenomenal output of electrical power based on the strength of magnetic induction and the sequence rate acting upon the conductive coil.


With such a level of energy generation it is possible to envision low to high space probes which can incorporate the latest in high technology gizmos the doctor ordered ! 

Now on the lighter side of things
Despite the fact that many things at the forefront in terms of technological development remain within the realm of secrecy, it is easily possible to envision what exists considering the reality of integration between different components creating an end result. The following links are there to single out such a fact and demonstrate that with such easily accessible information it is within anyone's capacity to envision the applications for such technologies including in areas that are not formally discussed such as with spy satellites (the optical prisms don't need further review...).

An example of a Gizmo...

Where they use such a gizmo

And please, no lousy tricks with big gizmos such as an ion cannon ( ion beam technology exists and is formally used in microchip creation )...

Blueprint link

Alternate blueprint link

On the question of classified technology there is no need to be an insider to come to grips with all the available technology in existence which is superficially showcased in the papers an example being the cannons Gerald Bull (who was asassinated) had devised several decades back to send satellites into space for cheap...Considering the potential consequences I wouldn't want to improvise myself as an expert even if after a typical visit to the laudrymat I realised that spin cycle physics can do more than quickly dry clothing.. Excessively rapid velocities attained with centrifuges offer the greatest promise for CHEAP rapid ammo...
Imagine what electrical motors can accomplish on a low to high altitude flying gizmo with unlimited autonomy...


Extremely simplistic demonstration
The secret is not only to be able to channel air to the right places , but also to be able to open and close the right doors...(many different configurations can be tried such as 1 intake above and 4 exhausts below..etc) Obviously stabilisation is assured with the use of 2 props even if I was tempted to beleive that with the right doors (and what image files there are of previous devices) flight stability could be assured...
Once considering the available technology to adapt such a simple flier for space exploration, the possibilities to uncover with magnetic propulsion is but another eventuality once considering the very powerful repulsive fields attainable with specially configured electro-magnets which can act on high intensity electrical wiring -from 2 or more sources (ie; generators) assembled in a non interacting grid- to further enhance the effect...Once it comes down to flying machines eye witness accounts indicate that what flies emits radio waves at double the top of the AM band on the radio ! Must be the flying radio craze !
Extremely portable devices of a related design are used as reconaissance by the militairy (a 1990's issue of Scientific American actually shows a close-up image of one of the round ones which because of their shape draws UFO buffs to a state of near psychosis once they see one flying thus the reason for a more conventional design)... Easily acccessible documentation furthermore gives indications as to the possible alloys which have the best characteristics namely beryllium metal based intermetallic compounds with extremely high melting points (thus the purpose for the use compound)...Also please bear to mind that first generation video cameras originated in the 1950's... They could theoretically have been able to transmit imagery through shortwaves (which have the ability to bounce off the high atmosphere) ... Obviously it implies that even a twit like myself reading the available easily understandeable documentation could get an idea of what garage soap box could have been flying out there !
Mind you, ultrasonic emission at very high decibel ratings would get anything heavy to take off  without mention of the high temperatures attained by a confined plasma if ever some would dare try... In other words; "Loud sounds lift things off the ground even if we can't hear it " ...Although infrasonics may be the ultimate solution...
So ,while visionairies may be tempted to reinvent the incandescent light bulb by changing paremeters in order to deliver the right energy , other avenues of research present themselves...
Mind you, mid to high altitude aerial surveillance of roadways apparently uses a  miniscule semi autonomous drone with unlimited mileage and god knows what else to put the heat on the driver which hopefully doesn't end up looking like some strange acting turkey dinner blurting out nonsense for the audience  !...
One more time for the puppetty dance show !